Cold Laminator Series


  • Rigid steel structural tubing construction for 24/7 operation
  • Stripper roll sections and stripper nips
  • Liner Unwinds and Liner Rewinds
  • Single or Multiple unwind and cold nip laminator heads
  • Center driven rewind stand using open loop torque control
  • Center unwind with floor pick up
  • Tension control including closed loop load cell and dancer andopen loop ultrasonic tension control
  • Manual roll positioning on unwind



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Industrial Cold Nip PSA Laminator

Cold Nip PSA Laminating Equipment

The above Cold Nip PSA Laminator is used to strip a release liner and wind it up, laminate a replacement release liner to a paper or film with a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) at a common nip point and then rewind the laminate on a center winder.

Machinery Included:
  • (1) Cantilevered Product Unwind
  • (1) Set of Stripper Rolls
  • (1) Cantilevered Liner Winder For the Old Liner
  • (1) Cantilevered Liner Unwind For the New Liner
  • (1) Corona Treater
  • (1) Driven Cold Laminator Position
  • (1) Center Driven Rewind Stand

US Webcon offers a series of heavy duty industrial cold laminators to meet your production needs with numerous features and customized options to fit your specific requirements. The US Webcon cold laminators and roll laminators are designed to laminate single or multiple films and paper products together on a roll to roll basis by passing the webs through a common nip point.



  • Hot roll laminating
  • Edge trimming
  • Automatic edge guiding or manual positioning
  • Splice boards and clamps
  • Accurate digital footage counts using AC drives with dynamic braking coupled with two preset counters that signal the drive to start de-accelerating prior to stopping



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US Webcon can modify the above design to meet your specific needs and requirements. Call us to discuss your application with one of our engineers at (570) 644-1401.



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