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  • Rigid steel construction for 24/7 operation.
  • Both crimped and twisted wire brush assemblies are used for simultaneous fine and coarse stripping action.
  • Semi automatic or fully automatic operation.
  • Optional single or multiple core I.D.'s
  • After initial set up operator is only required to load the infeed magazine and unload the outfeed magazine.
  • Machine can handle cores of various widths. .
  • Special designs available for core loading and roll unloading
  • PLC operated with AC drives.



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Automatic Core Cleaner

machine to automatically clean and and strip steel cores of contaminates

US Webcon offers a fully automatic metal winding core cleaner designed to meet your production needs with numerous features and options to fit your specific requirements. This machine is designed for continuous stripping of residual films and tapes from the surface of metal winding cores used in the blown film industry. Metal cores with large particles of tape and film removed, wind a better product and prevent scrap tape and film from ruining the roll build of the finished wound product. Injuries are prevented because operators will no longer have to hand scrape the cores using sharp knives and razor blades.

core surface cleaned by high-speed brushing
The above shows a partially cleaned steel core. Chucks of contaminates such as residual tape and plastic web are being removed, by a high speed wire brush.




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