Narrow Web Handling


  • All levels of automation available
  • Can be custom designed to incorporate accumulators, coating heads, laminators, splice stations, turrets, etc.
  • Automatic web guiding
  • Manual, closed loop automatic tension control and open loop ultrasonic tension control available



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Narrow Web Winding and Unwinding

Center driven cantilevered turret rewind with festoon accumulator and a two position unwind

US Webcon offers a series of cantilevered unwind and rewind stands to meet your narrow web production needs with numerous features and options to fit your specific requirements. The above turret winder was designed to wind up food testing packaging formed by the customer’s Form, Fill and Seal machine.

Two webs are simultaneously unwound from separate cantilevered unwind stands located on the left of the picture. Each of these stands incorporates an ultrasonic linear edge guide system. Once installed in our client's plant, a form, fill and seal machine will be located between the two unwinds, as in the diagram below.



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