Basic Unwinds & Winders


  • Rigid steel structural tubing construction for 24/7 operation.
  • Self closing safety chucks.
  • Air expanding shafts using aluminum construction
  • Closed loop load cell or dancer tension control.
  • Pneumatic brakes to initiate tension.



Guide to Slitting Methods

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Shafted Rewind Stands and Winders

Driven Rewind Stand

Center driven rewind stand with closed loop load cell tension control designed to rewind woven Kevlar material. The winder included a photo electric edge guiding system. Optional dancer tension control and open loop ultrasonic tension control available.

US Webcon offers a complete line of stand alone Center Driven Rewind Stands to meet your production needs with numerous features and options to fit your specific requirements The above shafted center Driven rewind stand is designed to rewind rolls of paper, film and nonwoven material directly from your process on a roll to roll basis. The web tension is automatically and dynamically controlled by a closed loop load cell tension control system. Load cell transducers with closed loop feed back measure web tension directly at the web. The output of the controller maintains the correct torque required from an AC motor and AC Vector drive changing tension dynamically as the product roll is wound up. Self closing safety chucks hold the product rolls safely and firmly in position. If the operator forgets to close the chucks they will close automatically when the product roll is turned over.



  • Shaftless designs available.
  • Electro mechanical guiding with photo or ultrasonic sensors.
  • Driven unwinds for low tension applications
  • Floor level roll unload to eliminate the need for hoists.


US Webcon can modify the above Unwind Stand to meet your specific needs and requirements. Call us to discuss your application with one of our engineers at (570) 644-1401.



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