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Selvage Edge Trimmer

selvage edge trimmer with hand wheel positioning

This selvage edge trimmer is designed to cut difficult materials using a set of dish knives that are both driven.

US Webcon offers a driven foot mounted selvage edge trimmer to meet your production needs with numerous features and options to fit your specific requirements. The above unit is designed to edge trim woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, supported vinyl and flame laminated polyurethane foams, among other webs. The trimming heads can be positioned on the fly using a hand wheel and lead screw arrangement. Both the upper blade and the lower blade are driven allowing the web to be trimmed regardless of the web tension. Unlike some competitors' units, the bottom knife is spring loaded against the top knife ensuring a good cut even if the knives are misaligned.

close up of selvage edge trimmer


  • Rigid steel construction for long life
  • Center justified hand wheel positioning with optional independent positioning of the each trimming head
  • Guided units available to follow wandering webs
  • Optional AC drives for speed control of the knives
  • Unwinds, rewinds and inspection tables available for offline operation



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