Splice Stations


  • Economical alternative to auto cut & transfer turret technology
  • Can be configured for lap or butt splicing
  • Can be mounted in virtually any unwind configuration



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Zero Speed Splice Unit

US Webcon offers a series of web splicers and splice tables to meet your web splicing production needs with numerous features and options to fit your specific requirements.

This custom shafted, multi position, center unwind stand has been outfitted with a zero speed splice configuration including a pre-prep butt splice station and an accumulator.

The splice can be actuated manually or automatically via a signal from a photocell, footage counter, or any other source. An accumulator maintains line speed during the splicing operation.

Zero-Speed Splice Sequence

  • The operator loads the tail of the new roll into the ZSS nip
  • The operator applies adhesive tape, and may then attend to their tasks
  • When the ZSS receives the signal the nip rolls fire together
  • A knife cuts the tail of the depleting roll to the desired length
  • The new roll begins to deplete and the accumulator refills

The diagram shows two of the important features of a zero speed splice. The splice initiation rolls that bring the two rolls together and the cut-off knife that cuts off the expiring web.

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