Slitter Winders


  • Rigid steel structural tubing construction for 24/7 operation.
  • Shafted roll to roll surface winding.
  • Score cut slitting on the entry bedroll.
  • Anvil roll is constructed of multiple hardened replaceable sleeves.
  • Single bowed roll to facilitate web spreading.
  • Programmable top rider roll to maintain roll packing.
  • Roll discharge kicker.


Guide to Slitting Methods

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two drum slitter rewinder

The above medium duty shafted surface driven slitter winder with a programmable top rider roll was designed to slit and surface rewind filter stock on a roll to roll basis. The method of slitting was score cutting on a hardened entry anvil bedroll.


US Webcon offers a Two Drum Slitter Rewinder to meet your production needs with numerous features and options to fit your specific requirements. The US Webcon Two Drum Slitter Rewinder is designed to slit rolls of paper, film and nonwoven product on a roll to roll basis. Slitting is performed using score cut knife holders against a hardened multi sleeve anvil roll that also acts as the entry winding bedroll. A programmable pneumatically counter balanced top rider helps to maintain a tight roll package through out the roll build. This unit is available with single or multiple position unwind stands and supplied with shafted, shaftless and floor pick up options.


  • Shafted or Shaftless Unwind Stands
  • Floor Pick up option
  • Optional hydraulic lift tables for roll unloading
  • Automatic edge guiding or manual positioning
  • Skew rolls available
  • Driven unwinds for low tension webs
  • Optional Touch Screens


Optional Equipment

Roll Unload and Safety Barrier Table
Roll Unload and Safety Barrier Table


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