Unwinds & Winders


  • Ideal for use with an accumulator
  • Designed for medium and heavy applications
  • For feeding a continuous operation in lieu of a turret
  • Shafted or shaftless
  • Two position, accepts heavy rolls
  • For use with zero speed splice units



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Vertically Stacked Two Position Unwinds

two position unwind with a zero speed splice unit and festoon accumulator

This unwind is zero speed splice unit designed for continuous operation with a two position unwind and a festoon accumulator.

The Vertical Configuration multi position unwind stand is designed for use with an accumulator and zero speed splice (ZSS) unit in a medium to heavy application. The two unwinds are mounted vertically to conserve floor space. The Vertical Configuration is ideal for feeding a continuous operation in lieu of more expensive turret technology. It is available in shafted or shaftless configurations.

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