Small Roll Winders


  • Rigid steel plate structural tubing construction for 24/7 operation
  • Efficient shaftless operation
  • Automatic product roll unload onto a waiting conveyor increasing winder runtime
  • Score knife cross cut with a footage pre-select that cuts product rolls to length
  • Manual and Semi automatic operation



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Shaftless Log Winder

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Shaftless Log Winder

The above Shaftless Log Winder was designed to wind up roofing and moisture barrier with automatic cut to length and automatic finished product roll removal.

US Webcon offers a complete set of Roll Breakdown and Log Winders to meet your production needs with numerous features and options to fit your specific requirements.  These winders are designed for both roll to roll and along with the use of an accumulator, continuous winding of short roll paper, film, textile and nonwoven webs.  This log roll winder will stop and cut the roll to length based on a footage preselect and automatically unload the product roll onto a waiting conveyor mounted on scissors lift table.  Once the unload sequence is started the chucks open dropping the finished roll onto the conveyor.  The conveyor lowers down and starts pushing the roll to a packaging table.  (The second conveyor and packaging table are not shown.)

Operational Sequence:

  • Web taped to the new core and roll is started
  • Web is cross cut to it's finished length
  • Operator initiates the roll unloading sequence
  • Product roll is unloaded and carried away by the conveyor
  • Simultaneously the web is fed out long enough to reach the core automatically and the operator places a new core between the chucks
  • The operation starts again


  • Special automation available for core loading and roll unloading
  • Under or over wind operation
  • Web accumulators for continuous operation
  • Automatic edge guiding or manual positioning
  • Optional hydraulic lift tables for roll loading or unloading
  • Load cell or dancer tension control
  • Winders supplied with AC or DC drives with speed or torque control


Small Roll Break Down Log Winder

Shaftless Log Winder

The above small log winder was designed to break down large master rolls of foam into small rolls.  Both the unwind and rewind use cantilevered airshafts to minimize cost and shaft handling.


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US Webcon can modify the above design to meet your specific needs and requirements. Call us to discuss your application with one of our engineers at (570) 644-1401.



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