Winding Equipment


  • Fully Welded heavy-duty construction for 24/7 operation
  • Single point traversing knife for thick hard to cut webs that serrated blades cannot pass through.
  • The winder stops and the enveloper head actuates forward wrapping the winding shaft nearly 180 degrees . The knife cuts against the core producing a no fold back transfer.
  • Automatic core loading: Cores are dispensed from a core loading table into a loading tray and placed on the winding shaft by a pneumatically actuated core placement paddle.
  • Web transfer adhesive is placed on the core as the core is pushed onto the winding shaft using a hot melt glue gun dispensing a pressure sensitive adhesive.
  • Automatic roll unloading using a pneumatically actuated paddle to push the finished rolls off the airshaft and place them on a belt conveyor as they exit the winder.
  • Color LCD touch screen operator interfaces
  • AC digital drives



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Turret Log Winder

turret log winder designed continuously wind small rolls

The above pictured Turret Log Winder was designed to continuously wind small rolls of moisture barrier inline with the laminator. The unit includes a four position turret winder, roll changeover unit with enveloper head, inline slitting module, core storage table, core loader tray and pusher paddle, roll unloader paddle and unload conveyor (not shown) and hot melt gun to dispense pressure sensitive glue on the cores as they are loaded.

US Webcon offers a complete line of fully Automatic Four Position Cantilevered Turret Center Log Winders designed to meet your production needs with numerous features and options to fit your specific requirements. These winders are designed for hands off automatic continuous center winding of small rolls with automatic loading of cores and unloading of finished product rolls. Instead of batching large product rolls and breaking them down in secondary operations this machine allows you to wind small rolls inline with the your laminator.


  • Festoon accumulators to store the web during roll change overs.
  • Tail tie down using ultrasonic welders, tape or hot melt.
  • Inline slitting on some products with dual bowed roll slit separation systems.
  • Trim winders and pullers
  • Larger capacity core feed hoppers for less frequent loading
  • Closed loop dancer tension control
  • Special automation availeable.
  • Modems and ethernet communication to PLC’s and Drives

Other Equipment:

Festoon Web Accumulator

Web storage festoon type accumulator

This unit is an optional web festoon accumulator designed to store the web during roll changeovers on the turret winder. The machine was designed with self threading and the option to add additional idlers so that a double pass web path could be followed that would nearly double the capacity of storage.

Finished Roll Unload Accumulator

The conveyor shown above is designed to unload finished rolls of product from the turret winder unload position. The conveyor is mounted on top of a manually positioned scissors lift table to accommodate various roll diameters. A photo eye stops the conveyor when the beam is broken.

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