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Narrow Web Turret Winders and Unwinds

center driven cantilevered turret rewind with festoon accumulator and a two position unwind

US Webcon offers a series of cantilevered turret unwind and rewind stands to meet your narrow web production needs with numerous features and options to fit your specific requirements. The above turret winder was designed to wind up food testing packaging formed by the customer’s Form, Fill and Seal machine.

Two webs are simultaneously unwound from separate cantilevered unwind stands located on the left of the picture. Each of these stands incorporates an ultrasonic linear edge guide system. Once installed in our client's plant, a form, fill and seal machine will be located between the two unwinds.

The product exits the form, fill and seal machine and crosses underneath the right-hand unwind stand on its way to the accumulator. This self-threading module accumulates 40 feet of material over the course of 10 seconds, allowing the operator time for cut & transfer at the turret rewind position without halting production.

After passing through the accumulator the product is rewound on a cantilevered, shafted two position turret winder. When the rewind roll reaches the desired diameter the operator performs four simple actions:



1) (S)he initiates the motorized turret, indexing it until the new core is approximately 1/2" below the still moving web.

2) The accumulator activates to give the operator time to splice the web to the new core.

3) With the web now stationary on this side of the accumulator (s)he indexes the turret the last 1/2" so the core (which already has adhesive on it) contacts the web.

4) (S)he makes the splice with one swift cut and restarts the line.

This is just one example of Narrow Web turret technology. Please call (570)644-1401 for more information and we will gladly discuss a custom design for your application

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