Turret Unwinds & Winders


  • Fully Welded heavy-duty construction for 24/7 operation
  • The winder stops and the enveloper head actuates forward wrapping the winding shaft nearly 270 degrees performing a tapeless transfer.
  • Single point traversing knife for thick hard to cut webs. The knife cuts against the core producing a no fold back transfer.
  • No transfer tape is required on applicable webs.
  • Integral nip roll available to assist the transfer process.
  • Seven foot high expanded metal guards surround the envelopers to prevent operator access while the machine is in motion. Access doors with safety switches allow the operator access when the machine is not in operation for thread up.
  • Color LCD touch screen operator interfaces
  • AC digital drives


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ZSTW Zero Speed Turret Winder with Tapeless Transfer and Cantilevered Shafting

ZSTW-Zero Speed Turret Winder with Tapeless Transfer and Cantilevered Shafting

The above pictured ZSTW Cantilevered Zero Speed Tapeless Transfer Turret Winder was designed to along to continuously wind narrow web rolls of a nonwoven absorbent fabric. The unit includes a two position turret winder, zero speed roll tapeless transfer unit with enveloper head for continuous winding when used with a Web Festoon Accumulator.

US Webcon offers a complete line of fully Automatic Two Position, Zero Speed, Tapeless Transfer, Cantilevered Turret Winders designed to meet your production needs with numerous features and options to fit your specific requirements. These winders are designed for hands off automatic continuous center winding of rolls when used with a web festoon accumulator. Single point cross cut knife mounted in the enveloper head will perform a no fold back transfer without using tape on the core.


  • Festoon accumulators to store the web during roll change overs.
  • Integral driven pull roll.
  • Closed loop dancer tension control.
  • Special automation availeable.
  • Modems and ethernet communication to PLC’s and Drives


Optional Equipment:

Open Frame Web Accumulator

Open Frame Web Festoon Accumulator

The unit pictured to the left is an optional open frame web festoon accumulator designed to store the web during roll changeovers on the turret winder. The machine was designed with self threading and the option to add additional idlers so that a double pass web path could be followed that would nearly double the capacity of storage.


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  • US Webcon can modify the above design to meet your specific needs and requirements. Call us to discuss your application with one of our engineers at (570) 644-1401.



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